Sunday, 17 July 2011

This Weeks Challenge

Sorry about the last post, I was a bit of a debbie downer, I really hate "failing" at something.  However I have been incredibly sore this weekend, especially in the areas where I was struggling with the exercises, so yahh they worked, and all the tears and sweat were worth it! So So glad so now I am looking forward to working with K 3X's this week, I guess I can't imagine anything worst then last Friday...but she has surprised me every time.   So my big challenge is that we have no kitchen, so eating healthy will be more difficult. Food will be BBQ'd, as we have no other way to cook anything.

So here are the new pictures, yuck, yuck and yuck!
These pics will help me eat healthy this week, that is for sure! Summer really makes it easier to eat healthy, lots of fruits and veggies.
So my challenge for this week is to make super yummy healthy meals, stay away from eating out, and leave the pizza I bought for Landon's lunch. Really Landon pizza, of all the food's in all the world and you brought that into my life....temptation!

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