Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pink Bicycle Reward

So food is such a major part of how we celebrate and socialize that last night when I wanted to celebrate losing 6 pounds what else could I do other than go out for dinner.  Our food options without a kitchen have been limited.  I was looking for an amazing burger, something a little more than red robins or white spot, so Landon suggested the Pink Bicycle, and wow what good burgers!  But I managed to cut some calories out of the meal, ordering water, and only eating half of the fries and no sauce (ketchup, mayo, etc) with the fries.  Dang it was a good burger and worth the calories that I will have to burn off later.
So as excited as I was to loose 6 pounds, it was a little frustrating to not have "Biggest Loser" numbers.  Where you loose 5-6 pounds a week, and shrink before the nations eyes.  So onto the next two weeks with the same goal of 5 pounds!
The exercise of the day ripping out old hardwood floor with gross linoleum on top.  It is my rest day, but I really have been itching to feel my muscles working hard, so floor is the answer! 

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