Friday, 15 July 2011

Introducing K

So my trainer is this little very skinny beautiful 22 year girl we will call K, which doesn't do much for the self esteem but we are working on that.  K is fantastic and kicks my butt, hard.  I thought I was working myself out hard when I've been doing cardio in the past 2 months, I mean having your heart rate at 175+ and burning 550 calories an hour has been hard... but it's got nothing on K.  So my first time I went in thinking that I would do my cardio afterwards because hey I'm just that good and working that hard....wrong so wrong.  By the time I was done doing my cool down stretches it was all I could do to keep my lunch down, and I weakly wobbled out of the gym and sat in the car until I was with it enough to drive home.  Yes it was that bad, however the next time had nothing on the first time.  I went in confident that I could get through the day with out whining and moaning for my life to be over, but K had changed all the exercises (working the same muscles, just differently) and decided to push me.  Yep I nearly died the last time but she thought I could work a little harder.  So instead of just doing the 12 reps of whatever if it looked like I wasn't shaking and grimacing we would do "just a couple more".  "Let see how long you can hold this plank" after 45 minutes of exercise this is not a welcome comment, but I did an extra 15 seconds for at total of 45 seconds, which might be easier if you had any upper body strength and not holding up over 190 pounds.  I showed her, yeah right she can probably do the cursed plank for about 5 minutes. I also discovered that I could sweat so much that i had a river running into my ear, very gross, and all I could think about (other than i was dying) was that I was going to be the first person to get swimmers ear from exercising on dry land with no water insight.  K is patient and very encouraging and feels that she can help me loss 30 pounds by the end of September, as long as I eat right and am in the gym about 6 days a week, 3 with her, 3 by myself.  So with the 30 pounds dangling in front of me I get ready to have my butt handed to me again today.