Friday, 25 January 2013

4 months later

Well so much has changed.  First when I look at the blog and see the girl in the wedding dress I relies I will never be her my blog feels poorly named.  Mind you I still would like to be that skinny, but from the c section scar to the loss of hair my body will never look like that again, never mind what will happen to my boobs...eek!
Second I truly don't have the same ability to throw myself into weight watchers and the gym like I would like to.  I am trying but if r is sleeping during a meeting time, lets face it I am not waking him up and chances are if I'm lucky I am sleeping too.  And with breast feeding yes it burns calories but I am starving for sugary carbs all the time...all the time.  Also who wants to go to the gym and get their bum kicked for an hour by a beautiful skinny not even thinking about have kids trainer.  I mean I've had my bum kicked 24/7 for the last 4 months by a very chubby and cute baby...he runs me off my feet like K at her worst all day long.  It's difficult every single day trying to find a balence between caring for R and caring for myself.
Third I'm a mom and at the end of the day if everyone is alive, happy and the house is remotly clean its a successful day.  Diet and exercise go out the window more days then I would like.  Teething baby who is cranky and wants to be held gets priority over supper.  We are in busy season so LB is working late and away some nights so seeing K often doesn't happen and appointments have to be canceled.

Monday, 7 January 2013


All right here are the pictures I said I would post.  These were taken two weeks ago, right after I started going to the gym and weight watcher.  Since then I've lost 4.6 pounds and haven't had time to take another picture.  I do have lots of pictures of this cute little guy! There is a lot of work to be done, and so far it is much harder starting back up...but there is so much more of a motivation.  I want to be a healthy mom to R and show him by example what that is instead of just telling him.

Look at my awesome hand mouth coordination!  These days anything I can pick-up goes to my mouth...yummy!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Finding a groove.

Well life is crazy with a baby...and I feel that we are just getting the hang of it.  I got started back with K in the second week of December but with Christmas,  exams and baby it was hard to get back with any regularity.  Now since the new year I have been three time last week and boy am I sore.  Between K and Baby R I am exhausted and sore, yet I am set up to see K 3 times next week...ouch.    I also joined weight watchers almost three weeks ago, I was/am struggling to eat normal.  Over the last few years my eating has been on extremes too much food or dieting so I feel like I've lost perception on what healthy normal eating is.   So weight watchers it is for now...and in the first 2 weeks I lost 4.6 pounds. So we will see how it unfolds, it seems so hard to do right now...but I think that it's just life with a baby.   Well this post has taken over 45 minutes to write and there is no time for progress pictures, maybe later.