Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Things I didn't know about being pregnant

....well for a brief summery ALOT!
1) That morning sickness lasts all day...and night
2) That the pregnancy glow in my case is due to copious amounts of oil...and I am back to having acne...worse then as a teenager
3) It is exhausting growing a little being inside 
4) Your favorite foods can quickly become enemy number one....chocolate and pizza really...come on lentil bean give me a break 
5) A person can survive on simple carbohydrates and the occasional steaks.  Both breads and a lot of meat are not something that is in my normal diet.  I only was eating meat maybe once a week and one or two small servings of complex carbs a day.  Right now this is what will stay I eat it.
6) Some days your boobs hurt so bad that you will wear two bras a regular one and then a sports one over top so they DO NOT MOVE.
the list could go on and on but I am to tired to think and some days I don't even know what comes after 6 so we end the list  

Saturday, 25 February 2012


So I have been avoiding the blog writing until I was willing to share with the world what has been going on.  LB and I are expecting a little one in September!  We are either 9.5 weeks(ultrasound due date) or 11 weeks(last day of period).    It has/is a bumpy ride.  All the training with K and for running the 10k is put on hold for a little while.  I have been on bed rest for the last 2 weeks and am "off" bed rest, and just have some limitations placed on around my life. I think for now this is about all I am willing to share.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Brighter than the sun

My sister claimed this as her summer song...I think I will grab it for my winter/spring and summer song.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Last week

I've been MIA at the gym and at school this past week, as I am pretty sick right now.  However I did manage to drag myself out of bed to go to the ballet on Friday...a lovely birthday gift from LB.  I had never been and I always imagined that ballet dancers were skinny and unhealthy looking...this could very much be media based.  Not the ones I saw dancing we were up in the second level at the play house and about half way up and you could see their muscles.... unbelievable!
Hopefully this week leads to the gym as K is going to seriously hurt me if I miss one more appointment!