Saturday, 3 November 2012

Body after Baby 5 weeks

Well for starters I cannot believe it has only been 5 weeks, it feels like R has been a part of our little family forever now.
So in total I gained at least 33 pounds, (I didn't weigh myself the last two weeks before R arrived so I am not exactly sure) and I have 8 pounds left to get back to pre-baby weight! I am hoping to get cleared by the Dr to start working out again on Tuesday, but I have a feeling because it was a c-section it will be another 2 weeks, for a total of 8 weeks for recovery, but that is better then the original thought of December 1st!
I have healed up amazingly quickly.  I was up walking in about 8 hours as soon as I got the okay for the nurses, and pushed to get discharged a day early, with very little discomfort other then getting up out of bed and from sitting up but that only lasted a couple days. I have been out walking the dogs and the baby whenever I can and getting about 10 km in a week.   So I think the quick recovery and breast feeding have enabled the quick weight loss.

 Yahh for a very hungry baby which is starting to fuss waiting for me to get to feeding him again!
I am not planning on limiting calories while breast feeding, just working out and eating healthy.  As this cute little man with chubby cheeks needs me to be healthy and eating enough for the two of us to be healthy and happy.