Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bad Day

Yesterdays appointment with K was really hard, by the end of it I was near tears.  Almost all my exercises were with barbells squats with an extra 25 pounds, straight lead lifts, and more.  It was so painful and very difficult. There were two exercises, one that had me with my butt out, back arched and parallel to the ground and shoulders back and head up and lifting 25 pounds working on my lats.  Even by the third set of reps I still hadn't gotten it right, which was frustrating and embarrassing.  When it comes to using weights you have to be so careful to do it right or you can really hurt yourself, so K wasn't really happy and kept correcting me.  Which I know is great to get it done right, but I hate, hate, hate doing something wrong and when I can't get it right I usually end up giving up, but there is no way I was giving up in front of K. So I came home and to lick my wounded pride, and didn't end up eating the salad I had planned. Two homemade soft tacos later I curled up in bed, the house was a mess and I just couldn't bring myself to care about it.  So glad that today is my rest day, we will be in Vancouver buying a kitchen from Ikea...yahhh for renos?
Hope you all have a good weekend

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