Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Up to my ears in cuteness

I have been super busy, so sorry about the last few days with no posting.  I have my adorable nephews in town, and they are so much fun, and all my spare time is being spent with them.  I think they are leaving tomorrow.  It has been wonderful to get to know them, and see life through their eyes.
I have been keeping up with the gym and the diet.  The diet has been very hard the last few day, spending it with little kids and people on vacation, there is candy, chips, cookies, pop, juice...oh my!  All I have had, treat wise, is a half (!HALF!) of a cookie.  Seriously people this is hard for me, and how do you tell a two year old who is wanting to share his treats with you that you are on a diet, and that you are working out at the gym to hard to even think about what candy will do to you.  Besides is it ever just one candy or one treat?

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  1. AWE! Cuute picture! Kane was telling me 'Mama Auntie took me lala pet zoo!"