Friday, 26 August 2011


              August is a great month for us, we got married, 6 years ago today
  Brought Ringo home 4 years ago (he still lays like this just takes up way more space)
                Brought Lily home 2 years ago on our wedding anniversary
Hmmm, 2 years between each dog, maybe time for another one.....just kidding LB if you are reading this.

This august has been a bit of a roller coaster, not all things have gone as planned and a few bumps and bruises arose, but there have been a lot of learning.  A what is life with out learning and growth?  Stagnant, and that is something I never want to be.  
My working our sans K, have been going really well.  I find that when I am counting each rep, I am able to force myself to do just one more, and well lets just get another two done, until I finished the set without stopping.  This is a great tool to add when working out with K, I will continue to count and than know how many are ahead and blast through each set, with a just one more attitude.  It's also been good to realize that I am capable of strength training by myself, because in a month from now my training with K is up.  We haven't made a decision if I will keep training with her, as it is really expensive.  Our tentative plan is to start working out alone until the new year, and hopefully I will be towards the end of the weight loss journey and she can help with the last 10 or 20 pounds.

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