Sunday, 7 August 2011


Motivation is going to be key in the next month. My appointments with K are going down to twice a week and that means I will have to do one weight training day by myself.  I started this am by accident, I got up early (6) to go to the gym only to find out on Sundays it is open 8-5... seriously.  Usually this is not a problem by we are away all day and there would be no time for the gym, and my stress level was telling me that I needed to get a work out in.  So I dug out our weights and did a workout this am at home, not as hard as K as I didn't have all the muscle groups to work out as our house isn't equipped with a gym. But an okay workout, I need to learn to really dig deep with out K this week to make sure that I get as much out of each work out as possible.  The other thing that will happen in two weeks, is according to K I will start gaining muscle and the scale may show less weight loss, to I need to stay motivated during this time and not get discouraged.  Also our kitchen situation leaves much to be we don't have one yet.  The husband has been working 15+ hours a day with work and there isn't to much that I am able to do, this means I have to get creative in the "kitchen" making up new and tasty, healthy meals this month!  

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