Saturday, 17 September 2011

Gym Pet Peeve

I had a great work out with K yesterday, and slowly feel like I am getting back on track, with school, dieting, and managing my life.
So I have mentioned before that I am incredibly uncoordinated, and yesterday K had me do what I think to be an exercise that does not work with awkward people like myself.  I had to squat, no big problem, than from the squat position jump on to a half ball and stick the landing so I don't go falling in to workout machines....seriously I was so worried about bailing the whole time, forget about feeling the burning sensation in my quads.
So at my gym there are TV's everywhere, awesome I love that, except for the people who watch food shows.  I have a hard enough time when a Reese pieces peanut butter cup commercial comes on for 90 seconds, not to jump off my machine and run down stairs and grab one.  Let alone what a hour long show, with cakes, cookies, cheeses, breads, pastas, or whatever else is cookin, without going home and cooking up something fabulous and not diet friendly.  It drives me crazy, even if I am not watching it, it always catches my eye, and end up feeling hungry.  So I need to know whats up with food shows while at the gym?