Sunday, 6 November 2011


That would be LB, I am particularly grateful for him this week.  He has shown me that what I know/knew didn't have to be the way I am/was. Right from the moment we met he challenged what I knew and what I believed, forced me to look inward and examine myself. In turn as I have changed, changed a lot and for the better.  I have been able to do the same for him.  We question what we believe and what we think is right, to see if there is something better, or a way to improve our life.  And if we don't know, we are okay with that and do some digging to find out.

I am glad that school has taught me what I've always innately believed to be true, that we are fully capable of change. We do not have to be the people we were 5 years ago, and we do not have to be what we've always seen, or do what we know.  CC my counselor always tells me, If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

I AM NOT okay with doing what I've always done, or getting what I've always got.  If I was I would be still force feeding myself Cheetos 
I AM NOT okay with standing still watching the world change and evolve around me.  I believe in taking responsibility for my life, for my future and creating something better.
I AM NOT okay with things that are happening everyday in our society.
I AM NOT okay being treated poorly or treating others poorly.
So I am going to change those things.

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