Thursday, 3 November 2011

Pet Peeve

Something that gets my goat, is weight loss "stuff", mostly because always a little piece of me gets a little excited that maybe I could sit around eat what I want and have a rocking body.
Something I've seen around lately are pants that make you lose weight.  Okay, so they are workout pants and chances are if you go to the gym or for a run while wearing the pants might just lose weight.  Same with running shoes that help you loss extra weight, again if you are putting them on and go for a walk might just lose weight.  But if  you are wearing the pants and the shoes, eating some McDonald's, chances are you are not losing weight but gaining some weigh.
The reebok toning shoes actually are having to pay out 25 million because they made false claims.  Unlike other companies they made actually numerical claims of what their shoes can do, so chances are the other ones aren't working either.
I have be a consumer of weight loss pills, and they all come with an eating guide....also known as a diet.  Hmmmm I wonder what is working. Some of those pills are glorified laxatives, others help release water weight but really don't you think if something really really worked, everyone would be on it, doctors would hand it out like candy.
I wish that I could ignore these things but every time they suck me in just a little bit.  Oh for a magic formula, oh wait there is one, exercise and healthy eating.

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  1. "Gets my goat"
    Haha... havn't heard that one in a while:)