Monday, 21 November 2011


So I am incredibly hard on myself, and about .5 a pound or maybe .7 short of  2 pounds lost this week.  AND IT'S KILLING ME....(we wont even talk about my reaction to the Bt I got on my last exam). I have done extremely well with eating, other then last nights small piece of rice pudding and ice cream.  Gone to the gym 6 of 7 days, had killer work outs, I am still sore Monday from Friday's and Saturday's workouts, especially my legs.  Yes I know that I need to not be so hard on myself, but it has brought me success in the past, and the lure of success is what pushes me.  I also worry that after years of having no motivation, we are talking about spending hours to try and get into the shower, that if I don't have high standards for myself that's where I'll end up again.   So I end up fretting about B's and half pounds, which is not where I want to be either.  So I need to be gracious towards myself, word of the week!

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