Friday, 25 November 2011

Killed by KettleBall Part 2

Today's workout with K was amazingly hard! But it was such a good workout, and it lifted the blues that I'd been feeling for the last little while.  Got pumped full of endorphin's and managed to even have a clear enough head to finish the paper I'd been working on for the last week.  The the one thing about depression that I feel isn't talked about enough, is the ever lasting fog that a person can get in.  It's bad enough when you are feeling blue, but to not be able to think clearly on top is just horrible.  In the depths of my depression I couldn't even read a book, and that just about did me in. I love reading, love love love it. So to have it taken away was pretty hard, I did find that audio books helped.  I have no idea how many times in the last 5 years I have listen to the Harry Potter series, probably close to 5 times, and some of the books this day Jim Dale(the reader) voice is like honey and makes me fall asleep.
So I am hoping that this minor depressive slump has lifted, at least until after exams....!

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