Sunday, 9 October 2011


All week I've trying to make a mental list of things that I am thankful for, especially after the week I had it is easy for me to get discouraged and feeling sorry for myself. 
1) LB! How did I ever get so lucky to have such an amazing husband?  He has been my biggest support, and never made me ever ever feel bad for what I was going through and in turn putting him through.  Anything I need(ed) he has made sure to do everything in his power to make it happen. 
2) Ringo and Lily!  
3) Friends...I really am so thankful for all the amazing friends I have. 
4) K...yes I am really thankful for her, I signed up Friday for a YEAR of training! 
5) Family, both mine and LB's.
6) Rough times and personal growth, (it comes hand in hand)
7) Finding my passion again, and school as they are one in the same.  I cannot wait to be a Social Worker.
8) Nellie, she shares her joy with everyone around her and it is contagious. 
9) 45ish pounds lost.
10) The day I decided enough was enough and started losing weight...I am so so so grateful for that day. 
11) All the support and encouragement I have received from everyone reading my blog thank you so much! 
I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, I totally enjoyed every single bite...there were a lot of bites!

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