Friday, 7 October 2011


I went through all my clothes and am getting rid of a bunch! It feels really really good, there was some serious apprehension and anxiety at first, but now a lot of relief.  When I started this journey I made a promise to myself that there would be no hanging on to the past, including clothing.  I never want to make it easy to gain weight again, so the plan is once it doesn't fit it is gone.  It has been a harder promise to keep then I thought, I was so worried my closet would be empty and then feeling like I don't have anything to wear, so finding that box of clothing on Sunday was a godsend. I had cleaned the closet out on Saturday (when I was supposed to be studying) left the pile on my dresser for a couple days, then moved it to another room and decided yesterday that today would be the day to get rid of it!  It's all about the baby steps.

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