Friday, 23 December 2011

A week I could have lived without

I have not been to the gym in 6 days, yes alot has happened this week.  Saturday and Sunday were planned days off, then lovely illness called strep throat came to visit.  Let me tell you it has been a miserible week for the two of us.  LB had a fever for 2 days before he went to the clinic and was told had strep and put on antibotics, meanwhile I had a wisdom tooth pulled out and then fainted in the dentist office. I got up and was fine, paying for the bill and felt faint.  I let them know and sat down on the floor and the poor dentist and the assistant were helping me back to the chair, when down I went.  As I went down I remember thinking thank goodness I am not 200+ pounds, as I felt hands grasping to hold me up. I have a sever reaction to blood, it isn't the first time I have fainted over it and it probably wont be the last.  And I did the worst thing you can do which is relax, with every other phobia relaxation is key...except for blood related ones, you are supposed to tense up to keep your blood pressure up to prevent fainting. 
 So then it was my turn to get strep and have finally left my fever behind last we are desperatly trying to get healthy as we have so many wonderful plans with friends and family in the next couple days. 

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