Sunday, 18 December 2011

Challenge Accepted

It has been an incredibly busy week with some ups, B&B and the 3 little boys are coming for Christmas! And some downs, poor little Tel has been in the hospital as he hasn't gained any weight since his birth 2 months ago, he should be out today and has finally be diagnosed with acid reflex. We also found out that a extended family member has breast cancer and started chemo this week, and all I can think about are the two beautiful little ones they have and my heart just aches for them.
I finished my last exam yesterday!!
And K and I decided that I will have a weigh-in on the extra Christmas pounds for me.  K was telling me that the average weight someone gains over the holidays is 6 pounds...eeekkkk.  And then went on to tell me that if I gain anything she will lock me in a room for a week and I will live on lettuce and celery(maybe I could get some peanut butter on the celery) as life around here may lead me into temptation.   She also told me that getting my wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday is perfect timing...I think she is the only person on the planet who thinks that. Her words...'great you can have protein shakes'....yummy.

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