Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Being pregnant has turned my exercise/healthy lifestyle upside down, inside out and  crazy all the way around.  I am really trying to find some sort of balance.  Getting to the gym is just not happening, and food cravings are just all over the place.  I am just not really sure how or where to start most each day is different then the last and never what I expect.  So tomorrow starts with getting to the gym...and will go from there.


  1. your almost half way there already! try any enjoy your pregnancy because in hindsight they go by so fast. dont stress so much about your weight its bad for the babe :) enjoy the victoria weather... and walk while you can, because soon you'll have to waddle instead!! oxoxo

  2. Samantha, you have been to the gym more than once since you've been pregnant. That's a lot more than me! I gained lots of weight but 6 months later now I've dropped all of it and am back to normal. You are pregnant so give yourself some credit. Your body gets more than a workout everyday just growing the little one lol.

  3. The only thing I know about being pregnant and thereafter is unfortunately we are no longer the boss of ourselves...:( good luck with the balance. When pregnant I can barely walk let alone exercise and I ate what I wanted to eat or else I thought that I would surely die..:( now I'm on the other side losing very little...
    .always be nice to yourself :)