Friday, 13 April 2012

Back to Basics

So I officially was able to start back working out at the gym and with K on the 1st of April.  I've only been to the gym 3 times and 2 of them were workouts with K.  The 1st time alone and with K were very discouraging, I still wasn't feeling well and could not get my heart rate up and had no speed or endurance.  But today I was BACK!!! Last week I started feeling better almost 15 weeks to the day and I started feeling like myself.  It's been a week of feeling good so I think I can say that I am on the mend and not be jinxing myself.
The first work out with K consisted of only 6 exercises, normally we do between fell short there.  And then on my warm up I couldn't get my speed up past 4 and normally I am 8.5-9, and burn 110-125 calories in 10 minutes, at 15 minutes i still hadn't reached 100 calories.  So it was really frustrating and I was so sore afterwards.
Today thought I got back to normal.  I was feeling so good and accidentally got my heart rate up to 193..I am supposed to keep it around 150-160, and no higher.  I was just so excited to be feeling like myself.  I got to 100 calories burnt in my warm up at better.  Then with K we got 9 exercises in...again better.  
So hopefully this is the start of things to come!

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