Sunday, 6 January 2013

Finding a groove.

Well life is crazy with a baby...and I feel that we are just getting the hang of it.  I got started back with K in the second week of December but with Christmas,  exams and baby it was hard to get back with any regularity.  Now since the new year I have been three time last week and boy am I sore.  Between K and Baby R I am exhausted and sore, yet I am set up to see K 3 times next week...ouch.    I also joined weight watchers almost three weeks ago, I was/am struggling to eat normal.  Over the last few years my eating has been on extremes too much food or dieting so I feel like I've lost perception on what healthy normal eating is.   So weight watchers it is for now...and in the first 2 weeks I lost 4.6 pounds. So we will see how it unfolds, it seems so hard to do right now...but I think that it's just life with a baby.   Well this post has taken over 45 minutes to write and there is no time for progress pictures, maybe later.

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