Wednesday, 5 September 2012


really feels like the perfect month for baby to arrive.  We have reached term today 37 weeks!  A big sigh of relief and an inhale of excitement and anticipation.  Our fingers are crossed that baby will come out a little earlier, LB would love to get off work a little earlier as he has the first 3 months off! And I want the baby out before October when my lovely sister and her family are planning on coming for Thanksgiving.  I really would love to be able to play with my nephews and be eating turkey dinner...just my luck I will be being induced and miss out on both!  The baby dropped about a 1.5 weeks ago, and making mom slightly more comfortable other then the wee one sitting on my sciatic nerve, a grinding sensation on the pelvis bone when walking and having to pee all the time.
These pictures were taken on the hottest day...or at least it felt like it in the middle of August.  We took 1 hour and LB's mom and drove to Mount Doug where we love walking/hiking around in the summer and early fall, and crashed/waddled around trying to get some pictures.  I had very swollen legs due to the heat and was very tired, but had a bee in bonnet and wanted to get some done "right now" that evening in 35 degree heat..yuck.  I wasn't too concerned about getting "belly shots" just wanted one last family picture before the baby arrives to remember life right now.