Monday, 10 September 2012

20 things to do before the bean arrives

      I am going crazy waiting for the baby to arrive.  It could be anytime in the next 4.5 weeks...that seems like far to large of window to expect anyone to wait patiently and not go crazy in the process.  I swore I wouldn't be one on those moms posting everyday on Facebook and complaining that the baby isn't here yet...and well I am one of those...just ask poor LB! Hopefully this list will fill my days and help me pass the time.... 
   Buy a post baby outfit! 
     Write wills
   Write letter to baby’s guardians (hardest decision ever) 
   Install car seat and get it checked out by fire department
       Read a good book
      Buy an awesome present for an amazing two year old birthday and attend
   Wrap shower gifts
   Attend KPMG family day/group baby shower
      Start on thank-you’s for baby shower
      Send out appreciation cards
      Bath dogs
     Get dogs meet the baby treats
.   Make 5 more freezer meals
     Have a movie night with the siblings.
     Finish quilt
     Make music playlist for labor
     Make music playlist for the bean...maybe some Raffi and Sharon, Louis and Bram
     Make a new meal maybe Thai?
     Pick blackberries and make something yummy!
     Write letter to baby 

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  1. Oh my you are making me exhausted just reading your list haha. But I remember how tough that last month can be so this is all great stuff to keep you busy! Add to the list- spend a romantic, uninterrupted night with the hubby (these get hard to fit in with a baby cramping your style).