Thursday, 5 July 2012

Third Trimester Goals

Well yesterday marked the start of the third trimester and hopefully that means the Bean will make it's appearance in the next 10-12 weeks.  I also have been feeling better for the last little while and decided to try and get a little more of a workout in.  I am using the term workout loosely meaning some nice long walks and hopefully some swimming.
Daily goal is to get the dogs out for our 45 minute walk every morning. Then twice a week go for an extra walk/hike for about an hour.
I am going to try swimming out today.  I have had a lot of people say that it is great form of exercise while pregnant especially towards the end to the pregnancy.  I am not a very good swimmer and a little bit self conscious of being in a bathing suit.  So if the swimming works I am going to try and go once or twice a week on top of the walking.
As for eating I am going to try and get lots of different foods and flavors into me in the next few months as the baby now can taste!! How crazy is that.  I think the hardest is going to be vegetables as through this entire pregnancy so far  I haven't been able to stand them  and am constantly trying to hid them in my food and pretend they aren't there.  Normally I love vegetables and always have, and am wanting the Bean to love them too, so that means I have to eat them now whether I like it or not!
I also have to increase my iron intake which is not a big surprise, as I am not a big fan of meat and spinach has been out of the picture since the Bean became boss 6 months ago.

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  1. Hey Sam, I loved swimming when I was in my last trimester... we were always looking for deserted beaches at the local lakes so I didn't feel like such a spectacle! You look beautiful! If people stare its just because you look amazing:)
    Love Aimee